Camel is going into Eclipse Kura

Today, I am going to talk about a good news, it is a technical post but without any code/material or stuff like that (thx God). The Eclipse Kura Project has accepted GitHub Pull Request and now includes a new cool component to develop branch. This new component is Camel Framework from Apache Foundation. Henryk Konsek a colleague of mine is the principal guy behind this new. The Camel and Kura integration starts from the first Camel Kura component available since Camel version 2.15 still from Henryk.

I love both Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel. The first one the Platform is OSGi compliant and is very modular. We can deploy it into small computer or device like RaspberryPi. This Platform provides lot of component already integrated like GPIO, Cloud, Data Store etc…. It manages also security (TLS, X509), Configuration and Upgrade management and Web Management too. Camel Framework is the Java reference of Open Source EIP when you start to connect several services together (HTTP/JMS/MQ/File) and you need to transform, compute, re-inject, (re)route those messages too.

I am convinced this news could provide both for Eclipse Kura and Apache Camel contributors/developers/architects to design, build, deploy new projects/PoC into the IoT field.

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