RHIoT RaspberryPi Sense-Hat display

Recently, I bought the new an official Sense-HAT from RaspberryPi foundation. This HAT add-on for the RaspberryPi device includes lots of cool thing. Sense-HAT comes with an 8x8 RGB565 pixel display, a Joystick, a Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Temperature, Barometric pressure and Humidity sensors. All sensors are i2c compliant, with the rhiot camel-pi4j component it is very easy to retrieve all data from sensors and push them outside. Rhiot team had also developed the first implementation of rhiot camel-framebuffer component, now it is possible to push image directly to 8x8 pixel screen : NB the matrix is 8x8 RGB565 LED (2 bytes per pixels).

How to use Framebuffer component

Let’s start to use the SenseHat framebuffer.


  • one RaspberryPi
    • tested w/ RPi 2
  • one SenseHat
  • an Activemq Broker
  • a Laptop to run the generator program.


A little quick conception :

  • First program generates images and send them through the ActiveMQ broker.
  • The second one receives images from the broker and push them to the Framebuffer.

Groovy Program

Generator Program

Framebuffer Program


Let’s run it now

On our RaspberryPi 2 w/ SenseHat

[rbpi-2:~]$> groovy  ImageFramebufferRoute.groovy

On our Laptop

[mbp:~/Source/tmp/io/rhiot/test]$> groovy GroovyMain.groovy

And the result

YouTube Demo


Framebuffer component is very young but functional, Rhiot.io project will release some new features as soon as possible. Rhiot.io project provides drivers for Temperature, Barometric pressure and Humidity sensors shipped with SenseHat product, the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer driver is still under development.

Stay tuned !!!